Switching back to Linux for ham radio

When I got back into Amateur Radio, I expected the pre-dominant OS to be
Linux. Why? Well, for me the escence of ham radio is the idea of building
stuff. Making things and then using them. This is basically the same idea
behind open sourcesoftware. Scratch an itch and then solve the problem.
The benefit then comes from sharing the results and approach so that others
can build on it. This is where Amateur Radio and Open Source software have
a lot in common. 
To my amazement however I found that most hams seem to still be on
Windows XP┬á(or even older) and aren’t happy. The standard complaints about
how slow and unstable their PC is running these year old installations etc. This is
not about Windows vs. Linux or anything else. I use Windows, I use Linux and I also
use a Mac. I also use Windows at times in the shack and have to admit that
Ham Radio Deluxe is a pretty good integrated package that does a few things very
If however you are interested in trying something else, then I want to show here how
todo it and what is available or simply what I use. I recently had to get a new machine 
for the shack and thus decided to re-install everything. I’ll share the issues and solutions
in the coming posts so that others can use them.

73 Mike K5TRI