Hi, I’m Michael. I like learning about new things, mostly technology, design, and myself.
I also tend to share my opinions on places like this blog, or Twitter. They are all my own,
and if you find you agree with them, you may be in trouble, and I take no responsibility.

I may not be an expert at everything I write about here, but I’m sharing as I go along to
save other people who go through the same learning some time.

What you learn you must share, what you know you must teach!


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  1. We had a nice chat last evening on 40m, Mar. 25/13. At first you were all but buried in QRM but even though there was a strong signal blasting away beside you I could copy your 1 watt. Your signal had a slightly different tone which made it stand out…..the human ear is an amazing device.

    At the end of the QSO I was trying to send my email add. but you were unable. I looked you up here on the net, found your site and here I am. That will teach you to leave the door open.

    We have a good distance for working QRP so if you want to try a little sked some time please email me the time and freq.

    I may even figure out how to reduce to 1 watt by then so you can compare.

    The man in the brown truck seems to be a lot nicer to you than me. I operate from my car but not mobile…..portable and so far just from our yard but should branch out into the great unknown as the wx improves and will use an end fed wire. Lately I have ran into a lot of QRPers and some like you using 1 watt.

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