Fun with CQRlog and MySQL

Once again, I needed to find something out about my QSO count with certain criteria.
The last time I had to determine how many QSOs I had with SKCC members to see if I
reached Centurion status.
This time it was similar but with a twist. The next step up from Centurion status is
Tribune which is awarded when a member who is already a Centurion completed 50
QSOs with other Centurion or Tribune members. In the previous post I was able to simply
query the database by contacts with just any SKCC member number, this time it has to be
more specific as only those ending with C or T count.

The following query does the trick to see how many Tribune members I worked already:

select distinct qsodate, callsign, club_nr2 from cqrlog_main where club_nr2 like “%T” and qsodate > “2013-04-28” order by qsodate;

club_nr2 is the column in which CQRlog stores the membership information for SKCC in my case.
qsodate needs to be on or after 4/28/2013 as this was the date I got Centurion status.
%T is simply a expression to show every value that ends with T

Turns out, I have about 20 more to go which should be doable since it’s SKCC Weekend
sprint today and tomorrow.

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