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  1. Ben Sinclair Ben Sinclair November 15, 2012

    I’ve been trying to get my Radio Shield going (also with a UV-3R) for a high altitude balloon tracker.

    I had it working fine, but today (after changing nothing!) it now doesn’t transmit good packets. It sends the tones, but it’s way too long to be real data. When it was working fine, sending just a callsign would take a fraction of a second.

    Did you have any similar problems?


    • mschulz mschulz November 17, 2012

      Yes, unfortunately sending packets is not really working. Receiving is just fine but not sending. The idea was to use the shield as a telemetry beacon. The other issue I found with the UV-3R is that when I set the TX power to 5W the PTT hangs. On 1W no issue. Some ferrite beads might do the trick here. There is not much documentation out there for the shield but my TX audio sounds more like over modulated something than a packet.

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