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Elecraft K1 – Day 2

Yesterday was the easy start of building the K1. It starts of with the filter board which
doesn’t have too many complicated components, so it’s a good getting used to item.
Today I started to work on the front panel board and figured I’d finish it tonight. Well,
it went smoother and quicker as planned so it’s already done while working on it
during lunch time and a bit this afternoon.

The top side of the front panel board

K1 day2 frontpanel board

The rear

K1 day2 frontplate rear

And the final minus the knobs which are mounted as well.

K1 day2 frontpanel


Next up is the RF board which is the more complicated one and will take longer than one night. But still fun. 
In the meantime I can spend also time testing to make sure no cold solder points creeped in and also to learn
more CW so that I can actually make use of this little thing :).


73 Mike K5TRI


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