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Elecraft K1 – Day 1

So I decided to go a complete different route in amateur radio than before. As I mentionedĀ 
somewhere else, for me the most important part of the hobby is the building of radios and
antennas. Everybody can buy a radio, pick up the microphone and speak into it. Not a real
challenge IMHO so not my cup of tea. I find it rather boring to tell the truth.

Enter stage left the Elecraft K1. A nice 2,4 or 6 band QRP kit one has to build first before
powering it on. Now that is exactly my cup of tea even though I usually drink coffee in the

K1 overview

This is what awaits you once all the contents are removed from the packaging. Nicely sorted by function are theĀ 
parts in various bags. Even a nice touch that each bag contains a slip with the name of the person who packed
it. The manual is pretty thorough and straight forward. Nothing is left out and one can follow it easily step by step.

The K1 is certainly not a project to be completed in one night. That would be too easy and quite frankly I am looking
forward to the build process as much as operating it. I reckon it’ll be done by the end of the week and then the first
smoke test will be conducted.

K1 filterboard

The first board which will be built is the filter module for the bands I chose when I ordered the kit. I went the cheap
route and only ordered the 2 band kit for $299 to see if I like it. If I do, the next order may be the K2 which covers
from 160 – 10m.

Building the first part was not very difficult (if you know how to hold a soldering iron) and after about an hour I had
all the parts on the board. Make sure you get a loupe. I tried without and eyeballed it. May have to go back to
troubleshoot should I have guessed wrong on some of the capacitors :).

Next up will be the front panel board. But that’s for another night.

73 Mike K5TRI

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