Fixing some issues in Gpredict

Update: after installing the new version, it can no longer engage with my TS-2000
via rigctld. Need to look into it as to what changed there. So for now it’s probably
better to stay on 1.3 if you’re using rig control.

In the past I had some issues with Gpredict when tracking a satellite and having
Gpredict control my TS-2000. Mike K2MTS reported a similar problem on the list
hosted on Sourceforge, that his FT-847 would flip-flop between uplink and downlink
frequency. I saw the same problem with Gpredict 1.3 on my TS-2000.
Alexandru OZ9AEC submitted a fix to SVN and I finally got around to check out the
new code and bring my version of Gpredict to 1.4svn which should solve that problem.


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