Installing TrustedQSL on OpenSuSE 11.4

One thing I really like to use is LoTW. Not to replace a paper QSL card which
I still enjoy, but to quickly confirm contacts especially when needed for awards.
Some distros package TrustedQSL which is the application used to send your
QSO data to the LoTW servers, OpenSuSE apparently does not so you have to
build it yourself.

First you need to download the source code for TrustedQSL and the tqsllibrary

tqsllib library download:

TrustedQSL app:

Once you downloaded the source code, unpack the tqsllib file and run the configure
script. In order to compile the library you need to have a complete build environment
including expat. To build the TQSL applications, wxwidgets needs to be installed. The
steps are the same for both packages:

mschulz@shack:~/Downloads/tqsllib-2.2> ./configure

If successful you can build the library using make

mschulz@shack:~/Downloads/tqsllib-2.2> make

After a successful run, you need to install the library as root

mschulz@shack:~/Downloads/tqsllib-2.2> sudo make install

If you’re starting fresh with LoTW, you can refer to the documentation on the ARRL
on how to request your certificate. I already had a working installation on
Windows that I was using with HRD so I copied the TQSL directory from my Windows
installation into my home directory under Linux. Simply copy the certs and keys
directory as well as the config.xml file into the .tqsl directory in your home and you
are ready to use LoTW with TrustedQSL.

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